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The leading provider of easement specialty equipment for utility pole and transformer installations, traffic signal maintenance, tree trimming, and more. These products are designed for accessing tight alleyways, gates, and rear property utility applications. JDC has all the equipment you need from Skylift. 

Skylift Easement Specialty Equipment

Skyift Md 4000 Plus Easement

Skylift MD 4000+

• 39′ Working Height
• Remotes, Can Handler, & more


Skylift Super 6000

• 44′ Working Height
• Attachments: Bucket, MH Jibs, Remotes & More


Skylift Patriot 50

• 55′ Working Height
• Attachments: Buckets, MH Jibs, Remotes & More

skylift mh

Skylift Linesman MH53

• 53′ Working Height
• Material Handler, Multiple Attachments


Skylift Super 61

• 61′ Working Height
• Attachments: Remotes, Stop/Start, & More

Skylift Pioneer Eom Equipment

Skylift Pioneer

• 53′ Working Height
• Attachments: Buckets, MH Jibs, Remotes & More

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Skylift started as an idea over Christmas dinner in 1998 when Skylift Owner & CEO Nicholas Jarmoszuk and former President George Wojnowski discussed the need for better easement machines. With the goal of safely manufacturing best-in-class equipment for electric utility companies, the first unit was completed in 2000. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since then, Skylift has introduced numerous models responding to regulatory changes, market needs and user feedback. Skylift has grown to be an award-winning company with a national brand known for best-in-class equipment. 


Skylift continuously monitors the operating environment and feedback from linemen. Every machine is engineered with safety, ease of use and straightforward maintenance in mind. Each unit is rigorously tested before delivery, ensuring maximum reliability. Skylift equipment gets the job done.

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JDC the leading provider of sewer cleaning solutions and easement specialty equipment to municipalities, the industrial, environmental, infrastructure, gas, and oil markets and has now strategically added aerial equipment to their fleet

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