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For over 4 decades the JDC has been a trusted supplier of Truvac vacuum excavator equipment. We at JDC are beyond proud to be recognized as the largest dealer in North America. With 15 locations coast to coast, we have the inventory on hand our customers need and want. Contact JDC today to inquire about our selection of available Truvac vacuum excavator equipment today.


Vactor 2100i Sewer Clearner

2100i Combination Sewer Cleaner


2100i Water Recycler

Vactor Impact

iMPACT Combination Sewer Cleaner

vactor ramjet

Ramject Sewer Jetter

Vactor Jetting Trailer

Ramjet Trailer

Simple technology available to everyone

RDB 1015

The Vactor RDB 1015’s ability to extend and retract 15 feet of vacuum hose drastically reduces – and in most cases, completely eliminates – the set-up and tear-down time required to assemble additional debris tubes. 

The RDB 1015 is available on the 2100i and 2100i CB.


The Vactor Water Recycling System can help you save thousands of gallons of fresh water and save time and fuel expense by eliminating trips to water-filling stations.  It can actually increase productivity by 100%.

Available on the 2100i.

intuiTouch system

The revolutionary IntuiTouch system will change the way you work: simplifying operation, reducing stress, and cutting setup time. Inside the cab, it offers one-touch control to start work. Out in front, all cleaning functions are in a single control panel that adjusts to each operator.

Available on the 2100i2100i CBiMPACT, and Ramjet Truck Series.

Jet Rodder Water Pump

Designed specifically for sewer cleaning, our Jet Rodder Water Pump provides smooth continuous flows through its entire operating range and includes an optional, easily activated, powerful “Jackhammer” action to break up the toughest blockages.

Available on the 2100i2100i CBiMPACT, and Ramjet Truck Series.

Wireless Remote

Better Way to Work

Avoiding Traffic

Why Buy?

The JDC has been a trusted dealer of Truvac vacuum escavators for over 40 years. In that time, we have grown to be the largest Vactor dealer in North America, with an available service sector teamed with our certified technicians. With over 15 locations, we’ve gote the inventory onhand to meet your needs. And Give us at JDC a call right away to get you in the right Truvac vacuum excavator today.

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