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Samson Rope

To do your job well, you need the proper equipment. So, whether you’re an arborist in the high reaches of a sycamore tree or a deckhand on a shipping vessel, we have industry-specific synthetic rope that is engineered to meet the demands of your job. 

Why we work with samson?

Samson is at the forefront of the synthetic rope industry, utilizing the latest innovative fibers and proprietary constructions and coatings to design the perfect rope for your unique application. Their history with high-performance synthetic fibers makes us uniquely qualified to design, test, and recommend the appropriate rope for the job to be done — no matter what industry you operate in. Not sure what rope you need? Reach out to get connected with a Parts and Service Sales Representative.


  • Pulling / Stringing Lines
  • Winch Lines
  • Underground Pulling
  • Capstan Lines
  • Hand Lines
  • Lifting Slings
  • Rigging Lines
  • Soft Shackle
  • Arborist, Crane, Mining, Safety & Rescue, General Cordage Lines and More
Samson Loaded Puller

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