The Vyper Push Camera, easily portable, and user-friendly. Recording capabilities with video memory backed to a USB drive. With the ability to record, snapshot, and view live footage, Vyper push cameras are a must have camera for all things sewer inspection. Call JDC and inquire about our inventory of readily available to purchase same day sewer inspection cameras. Also inquire about our technical support, demos, and training.


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Why Buy?

When it comes to sewer inspection camera equipment, Vyper is top of the line. All of the recording and camera capabilities makes it easier to see what would previoulsy be unseen with just the naked eye. JDC has made a commitment to suppling the best for our customers and with 15 coast to coast locations it has never been easier to contact us, and purchase sasme day. We have the technical support, and supply infield trainings and demos. Inquire today to learn more about our line of Vyper sewer inspection camera.



Vyper Push Camera

  • Command Module: 24 – 48 Turn-Around Time
  • Display: 10.4 in. LCD Monitor Display Screen
  • Camera: 1.3 in. Diameter | Self-Leveling | LED Ligh
  • Recorder: Digital Video Recording to USB | Built-In HHD | Advanced Text-Writer
  • Push Rod: Heavy Duty | 200 ft. Max | Ideal for 2-12 in. Pipe Traps & 90° Turns
  • Battery: Powered w/ 15V Power Cord (Battery Upgrade Available)
Vyper Stryke

Vyper Strike

  • Display: Large 10.1″ Tablet Screen
  • Camera: 1.3″ Self-Leveling Color Camera Head with Modular Design
  • “Always On” Built-In 512Hz Sonde
  • 0.475″ Premium Push Rod Cable with Flexi-Guard Spring
  • On-Screen Distance Counter
  • One Touch Recording to USB

Vyper Mini

  • 5.0″ LCD screen to easily view your inspections
  • 1.3″ Self-Leveling Modular Camera
  • Take videos and save onto your USB
  • Inspect pipes from 3″ up to 12″ (with Optional Centering Skid)
  • Free Wifi App streams video to Most Android and Apple devices
  • Record to USB stick to easily record and save inspections
  • Mini-Vu system is powered up to 6 hours by one M-18 Battery
  • Optional Add-ons: Insight Vision’s 6″ & 8″ Centering Skids

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