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Warthog has set themselves apart with the craftsmanship and functionality of their tools and jetter nozzles. Contact  JDC today to inquire about our selection of warthog sewer cleaning nozzles, and accessories, as well as our JDC knowledge, and training.


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WG Warthog Sewer Jetter

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Why Buy?

For years Warthog has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of sewer-cleaning tools and accessories. Coupled with JDC’s Know-How we have all the tools, physical and educational you could require. With trained professionals with decades of experience with service JDC is your one-stop shop for all things Warthog including their high quality jetter nozzles. Contact one of our associates to get the best Warthog tool for accessories for the job today.

Jet angles matter, here’s why

Warthog nozzles come in standard, descaling, and pulling configurations. They differ from other industry nozzles by utilizing controlled rotation technology and customizing the jetting configuration through our jetting app to optimize water usage to tackle nearly all applications. 

  • Descaling – side jets are angled directly at the walls to cut through hard deposits
  • Universal – jets thrust the tool forward while concurrently cleaning the surface
  • Pulling/Flushing – powerful rear jets propel the tool down the line and flush out debris 

Cutting-edge, controlled rotation techonolgy 

Only rotating nozzles reliably clean the entire inner surface of the pipe. Warthog pioneered controlled rotation in the sewer market to ensure water hits 360 degrees of the pipe interior at a speed that delivers the most effective interior cleaning. Our controlled rotation technology uses a fluid braking system to slow nozzle rotation so that the jets have sufficient dwell time to penetrate and break up deposits. Controlled rotation provides powerful cleaning for pipe interiors in addition to clearing obstructions of all kinds: hair, roots, organic deposits, fats, oils, and grease. 

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Sewer Nozzles & Spray Angle

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