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Stanely Tools, has produced cutting edge industrial tools, for an array of different uses. Power units, wrenches, you name it JDC has got it. It’s a guranteed solution for municipalities to consider. Contact JDC to inquire about our Stanley Tools, and our additional support rearding Stanley tools parts, service, and training. Only availabe from selected JDC locations, so call today.

Stanley products

Stanley Hp28 Twin8 Twin Circuit Hydraulic Power Unit Hp28b02 Web3 1

Hydraulic Power Unit

Handheld Breakers

Handheld Breaker

hydrant saver

Hydrant Saver

impact wrench IW

Impact Wrench

Stanley Post Driver

Pole Drive

Stanley Post Pullers

Post Puller

stanley trash pump

Trash Pump

Stanley Utility Chain Saw

Utility Chain Saw

submersible pump

Submersible Pump

Demos available

When it comes to industrial tools, theres no better answer than Stanley industrial tool products. Whether it be pumps, hydraulic units or whatever else you could possibly need, Stanley Tools is the right choice, And JDC has you covered. JDC has made a commitment to suppling the best for our customers to aid in thier business efforts, and we don’t beleive in settling for anything less. Inquire about our available Stanely Tools industrial products and demos today. Only available from selected locations.

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