We at JDC are proud to be a supplier of PAC-MAC and all of the durable equipment that they offer. From the KB-20, to the KB-220, and Leaf Vacuum System, “JDC’s got your back” for all things vacuum and mechanical sweeper. Contact the JDC today to inquire about our selection of available PAC-MAC equipment.

*Authorized dealer in Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey and Long Island

What’s New?

KB Raised v


  • 13 ft. 1 in. rotating platform
  • 22 ft. fixed boom height
  • 360 degree continous rotation
  • Pilot-operated hydraulic joystics or mechanical levers
  • Bucket Width: 4 ft. (Fully Open 5 ft.)
KB Updated Raised Photo Cutout V


  • 3,300 lbs. lifting capacity at 20 ft.
  • 20 ft. boom length
  • 270 degree non-continous rotation
  • Pilot-operated hydraulic joystics or mechanical levers
  • Outrigger extended 11 ft. 8 in.
Leaf Vac Rear Passenger side cutout

PAC-MAC Leaf Vacuum System

  • 74 HP Kubota Tier 1 engine
  • Liner made of 0.25 in. thick, high strength steel
  • Chassis-mounted, Trailer-mounted, or Hook Lift-mounted
  • Intake hose is wear resistant 16 in. dia.

Why Buy?

In the market for a grapple truck? A leaf vacuum system? We at JDC have got you covered, with the most innovative equipment available from PAC-MAC. Contact us at JDC today to discuss our available inventory of refuse and recycling equipment from PAC-MAC, with our 15 coast to coast locations.


Pac Mac KB Spec Cover
Pac Mac KB Spec Cover
Pac Mac Spec Cover

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