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The PAC-MAC KB-220 Series functions in solid waste, arborist, and the forestry industry, with a higher lifting capacity, boom reach of up to 25 feet, and can be purchased in a variety of boom lengths. This unit comes standard with hydraulic joysticks and a tandem pump for even smoother operation. The KB-220 is quality built with pride. 

*Authorized dealer in Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey and Long Island


Designed to last longer than any other truck out there. The PAC-MAC KB-220 is designed to keep you on the job and keep the cost of service in your pocket thanks to it being engineered from the ground up.


The PAC-MAC KB-220 possess a powerful design. Engineered specifically to load better than any other truck out there – Continous welds and lighter material create the perfect grapple combination.

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General Specifications

  • Height of boom to ground in lowest travel position (based on 42 in. chassis height): 12 ft. 6 in. stand up, 13 ft. 1 in. rotating platform
  • Boom length: 20 ft. fixed, 22 ft. fixed
  • Optional boom lengths: 23 ft. (20 ft. with 3 ft. extended), 25 ft. (22 ft. with 3 ft. extended)
  • Boom rotation: 270° non-continuous (stand up), 360° continuous (only on crows nest)
  • Lifting capacity at 22 ft. (with bucket): Varies with boom length
  • Hydraulics: Tandem pump for simultaneous operation of multiple functions
  • Operator Controls: Standup: Pilot-operated hydraulic joysticks, Rotating platform: Mechanical joysticks or pilot-operated hydraulic joysticks


  • Length: 20 or 22 ft.
  • Capacity: 30 / 40 cubic yds.
  • Tilt: 45° +/- 1°
  • Floor: 3/16 in. (1/4 in. optional), 4 in. joist with 12 in. spacing
  • Sides: Side ribs 24 in. spacing
  • Lighting: L.E.D. / Mid-body turn signals, Strobes in rear corner of post


  • Width: 4 ft. – (32″ wide optional)
  • Fully open: 5 ft.


  • All hoses are enclosed within pedestal
  • Rotating operator’s station
  • Mechanical joysticks
  • Pilot-operated hydraulic joysticks
  • Pilot-operated swing control (only on crows nest)
  • 360-degree continuous boom rotation (only on crows nest)
  • A-style outrigger design
  • Ease of outrigger removal and maintenance
  • Built-in holding valves for safety
  • Smooth pads for minimal street damage
  • Boom up sensor
  • Twin cylinders provide superior biting force (bucket)
  • High strength tempered steel replaceable cutting edges (bucket)
  • Anti-scalp design (bucket)
  • 360-degree continuous rotation (bucket)
  • Integral holding valves in main and tip boom cylinders for increased safety
  • Ductile iron gland/piston, chrome rods, replaceable bronze bushings
  • Bumper meets DOT standards
  • 1-year hydraulic warranty


  • Hardox body
  • Door style options: single, double, or scow
  • Tarp options: spring assist with arm, spring assist armless, electric with arm
  • Optional pneumatic air latch for rear door.
  • “Outrigger Up” safety feature

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