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Enz has manufactured innovative solutions for surface, tube, sewer and pipe cleaning since 1985. Setting themselves apart with their craftsmanship, enz® specializes in tried and tested high-tech products ensuring you can deal with even the strongest roots, debris, concrete inflow and injections. Successfully clearing lines without causing negative pressure buildup. Contact JDC today and ask about our selection of enz sewer cleaning nozzles, demos, and training brought to you by our JDC Technical Institute. With over 20 years of being a partnered enz supplier, JDC’s got your back.


bulldog recycling rotatingm

Bulldog Antiblast

bulldog recycling rotating

Bulldog Rotating Nozzles

enz bulldozer px

Bulldozer Nozzles

Enz Chisel Point Nozzles

Chisel Point Nozzles



Granat Bombe Rinnenduese

Grenade bomb

Enz Rgs Rotating Nozzles

HRV Semi-Radially Rotating Nozzles

Enz Rgs Rotating Nozzles

KBR Rotating Combination Nozzles

Enz Rgs Rotating Nozzles

KBRV Rotating Combination Nozzles

Enz Percussion Milling Head Cutter

Percussion Milling Head Cutter

bulldog recycling rotating

RGS Rotating Nozzles

Standartduesen Kanalreinigung

Standard cleaning nozzles

Enz Rotating Chain Bulldozer Expanded

Wire rope and chain scrapers

Why Buy?

An industry-leading manufacturer for the last 30 years, enz has continuously crafted the best sewer cleaning nozzles there are to offer. And JDC has made a commitment to supplying just that for our customers for the last 20 years as an enz supplier. With dedicated experts with decades of experience, we at JDC have designed courses specifically to educate our customers on nozzle usage, application, and selection. Inquire about our available enz sewer cleaning nozzles, demos, and training from our expert team at JDC


Enz Ebomb 150 Camera Nozzle

eBomb 150

Enz Ebulldog Rotating Camera Nozzle

eBulldog Rotating Nozzles

Enz Ebomb 250 Camera Nozzle

eBomb 250

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