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Excavating with the AirSpade offers several advantages over conventional tools such as picks, shovels, and backhoes. With superior performance, user-friendly features, and unequaled customer support, AirSpade has become the industry standard and the tool of choice for thousands of professionals worldwide.

Airspade products

Airspade    FNPT Chicago Coupler

3/4″ FNPT Chicago Coupler for AirSpade 2000

Airspade  Air King  Lug Coupler

4 Lug Coupler for Airspade 3000

Utility Airspade  w coupler

4ft Extension with Coupler for Airspade 4000

Air Hose Safety Cable

Air Hose Safety Cable

Utility Airspade  w ft Barrel

Airspade 4000 – 225 CFM with 4ft Barrel

Lightweight Air Hose  ID  ft

AirSpade Lightweight Air Hose

Standard Air Hose

AirSpade Standard Air Hose

What is the best way to dig with AirSpade?

The AirSpade will effectively dig up to several inches deep in a medium to stiff soil. Unless the soil is highly compacted, dwelling on the same spot is unnecessary and tends to increase spray. Ideally, the AirSpade should be moved over the soil surface at a rate of about 1 to 2 feet per second. When several inches of soil have been loosened, the soil should be removed to expose a fresh working face for the air jet. Watering the work area ahead of time can sometimes be helpful. Combining the use of the AirSpade with a hydro excavation truck can aid the excavation of highly compacted or sun-baked soils.

In what types of soils does AirSpade work? 

Because of its unique, the AirSpade is effective in virtually all soils and even hard clays. In general, the AirSpade will not cut through rock. However, shale may be broken apart by the AirSpade if the jet is directed between the laminations of the rock. Similarly, the AirSpade will not dislodge hard, frozen soil that tends to behave like pavement or concrete.

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