With 50 years in the service, parts, and rental business, JDC has expanded to provide sewer, industrial, underground, and electric utility solutions to municipalities and customers from coast to coast in the United States and Canada.



With 50 years in the business, JDC is a trusted partner providing solutions, support, and service to municipalities and businesses from coast to coast at 16 locations in the United States and Canada. Our in-house technician team can effectively assess, diagnose, and repair or replace sewer, pipeline, construction, utility equipment, and more. JDC’s trained and certified technicians will repair or replace equipment quickly with ease with the more than 300,000 internal, ready to use parts, tools, and accessories.

Visit a JDC location for repairs on vacuum systems, pumps, blowers, fans, and chassis, or to replace hydraulic systems, hoses, water tanks, cyclones, and more. Safety and reliability are a priority at JDC which is why we offer free 360° full-service inspections to review the health of your equipment and trucks.

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For heavy-duty equipment such as sewer cleaner trucks, boom trucks or digger derricks, JDC will provide the best rental solution that aligns with your business. Whether you need a short-term or long-term equipment rental or wish to rent to own, JDC has 16 locations operating from coast to coast in the United States and Canada to service your needs. All our rental equipment is stocked in-house so you can quickly start your project without waiting for equipment to be delivered.


JDC provides over 300,000 parts, tools, instruments, and accessories for customers to purchase at any of our 16 locations in the United States and Canada. We offer the largest number of ready-to-use products in the industries of utility, construction, sewer cleaning, pipeline, and infrastructure from coast to coast. We carry brand-name products from trusted companies such as Warthog, Vyper, Spartan, Piranha, Helix, T&T Tools, Dica and more.

Our educated staff are ready and able to support your needs. We’ll work with you to provide the best solution that aligns with your business.


Whether you’re a municipality looking to purchase a street sweeper or a utility company planning to purchase a specialized specialized digger derrick, JDC is available to help provide the best solutions for you., JDC is available to help provide the best solutions for you. With 16 locations operating from coast to coast in the United States and Canada you can purchase equipment or trucks with ease. We carry brand-name products from trusted companies such as Elliott, Vyper, Vivax, Skylift, Guzzler, IBAK, and more.


“We had an opportunity to have JDC come in to do some training with our guys that we found very informative. While we have a fairly consistent fleet of Combination Units and a HXX they all have a mind of their own. The training was very helpful when it come to getting a grip on the similarities and differences in each truck so all of our operators’ could jump in to any truck and be able to run effectively. The guys at JDC have always been great with training on new trucks, being able to help diagnose problems over the phone, or provide additional training for new employees on site.”

Brady P.
Operations Manager

“I can’t say enough of your company’s training and the people that make it happen. It can be operation of the Vactor, maintenance and of course Ed’s wonderful nozzle training classes… We have positive feedback from our employees…
Ed is wonderful at what he does. During the year the employees pick up bad habits. The classes provide a line in the sand to get rid of bad habits. The classes give our employees time to talk to one of your employees. Your guys, if they don’t have an answer, they will get it.
The trainings now assist our organization with contact (continuing education credits) hours. The classes have proven to be well worth the money. Please keep up the good work. Thank you.”

Tim J.

“I really enjoy doing business with JDC because of the friendly staff. I deal a lot with Rob S. and Brandon M. I’ve never had a salesman that I can TRUST or depend on as much as Rob. Whenever I call either one of these guys with questions about our equipment, they always have an answer. Those guys are top notch in my opinion! I will always do as much business as possible with JDC because of the staff you have working there!!!!!!!!!! I can’t say enough good things about JDC.”

David B.
Street Supervisor

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