The Skylift Super 6000 Mini-Derrick at 6,000lbs has the largest lift capacity of any rear easement machine along with one of the lowest stow heights. Whether you are changing out a transformer with our pin-on can handler, setting a pole, or need a lineman up in the bucket, JDC has the resources you need. 


Designed with you in mind, the Skylift Super 6000 Mini-Derrick has an 11,260 lb weight capacity. Built to make you feel safe and secure. The Skylift Super 6000 Mini-Derrick is the next generation digger derrick that makes the job easier.


Maintaining the previous standard for excellence seen from the other models of aerial equipment, the Skylift Super 6000 Mini-Derrick possess a smooth and precise ride.




Introduced in 2008, the MD 6000 backyard easement machine was engineered for emergent market needs. The MD 6000 allows line crews to work at greater capacities and heights when installing heavier poles, safely and efficiently.

This best-selling Skylift digger derrick is the only proportional hydraulic-controlled machine available in the market, ensuring stress-free operation and maintenance. The MD 6000 sets the standard for a backyard unit.

Additional product features include:

  • 6,000-lb. lift capacity 8 feet from center of rotation
  • 7′ travel height


  • Weight: 11,260 lbs.
  • Length: 19′ overall
  • Height: 7′
  • Width: 35″ closed; 51″ open
  • Tracks: 90″ rubber
  • Winch: 6,000 lbs.
  • Sheave height: 40’/48′
  • Side reach: 35′
  • Digging radius: 24′

Why Buy?

JDC has the JDC Know-How, and expertise when it comes to Skylift maintenance and performance. If you need a top of the line aerial equipment we’re the ones you need to call. Our mission at JDC is to get our customers outfitted with the right equipment for the task, and the Skylift Super 6000 Mini-Derrick is just that.

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