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T66 Camera Tractor

The T66 Steerable Camera Tractor is the latest in the long line of innovative sewer camera transporters from IBAK. This tractor includes continuous camera rotation, automatic tilt compensation, and a steerable drive shaft. The T66 boasts a heavier chassis for added traction, smaller external dimensions for ease of use and greater pulling strength than its predecessor. Small and agile, yet more powerful than some pipe inspection crawlers twice its size – the T66 is the core of an effective inspection system for sewers and pipelines ranging from 4” to over 24” in diameter. With patented hooks attached to the sides of our tractors, raising and lowering has never been more effortless!


  • Zero Radius Steering
  • Automatic Tilt Compensation (ATC)
  • Dual-Axis Pivoting Connection
  • 1000’ (300m) Cable Length
  • Optional Elevator Attachment
  • Available for HD
  • Pipelines ranging from 4” to over 30” in diameter

FEATURES T66/T66 HD T76/T76 HD T86/T86 HD
Zero Radius Steering ✔ ✔
Tractor Range (Pull Distance) up to 1000′  up to 2000′  up to 2000′ 
Dual-Axis, Pivoting Center ✔ ✔ ✔
Automatic Tilt Compensation (ATC) ✔ ✔
Location Transmitter ✔ ✔
LISY Attachment (Optional) ✔ ✔
Elevator Attachment (Optional) Manual Electric Electric
Additional Weight T66 Weight Kit T76 Small & T76 Large Kit T86 Large Kit


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