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T86 Camera Tractor

The T86 is the high power cousin to the T76. By trading steerability for a single, more powerful motor, you are able to operate this tractor in the most demanding environments. Heavier, providing greater traction, the T86 is capable of pulling out more cable and traversing larger amounts of debris in the sewer. Perfect for storm lines or any large diameter pipeline! Includes an integrated transmitter for location above ground interchangeable between two different frequencies (33 khz and 512 Hz).


  • Dual-Axis Pivoting Connection 
  • 2000’ (600m) Cable Length 
  • Optional Tractor Extension Kit 
  • Optional Sonde Location Transmitter 
  • Compatible with LISY Lateral Launch Attachment 
  • Available for HD 
  • Pipelines ranging from 8” to over 60” in diameter

FEATURES T66/T66 HD T76/T76 HD T86/T86 HD
Zero Radius Steering ✔ ✔
Tractor Range (Pull Distance) up to 1000′ (300m) up to 2000′ (600m) up to 2000′ (600m)
Dual-Axis, Pivoting Center ✔ ✔ ✔
Automatic Tilt Compensation (ATC) ✔ ✔
Location Transmitter ✔ ✔
LISY Attachment (Optional) ✔ ✔
Elevator Attachment (Optional) Manual Electric Electric
Additional Weight T66 Weight Kit T76 Small & T76 Large Kit T86 Large Kit


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