Increase productivity and profitability with the feature-rich vCam-6 inspection camera system. Built tough and reliable for everyday use, the versatile vCam-6 is a good fit for plumbers, contractors, home inspectors, building maintenance supervisors, or anyone looking to inspect the interior of a pipe or duct. Create crisp, detailed HD video inspections with audio comments, text descriptions, footage, date, and timestamps to submit to your customers without worry. Putting in a full day’s work is easy with the four-hour battery life and charging on-the-go with the provided AC and DC charging leads.

Designed for ease of use and engineered for dependability, vCam inspection products ensure trouble-free operation with little down time. Extend the capabilities of the system with the smaller accessory Type-MX reel for smaller lines, or increase the inspection diameter with the optional adjustable Type-B skid.


  • Daylight Viewable HD touch screen LCD
  • HDMI video/ audio out port
  • 1080p HD camera heads
  • 4 hour battery life
  • Record up to 1 TB hard drive or USB
  • AC/DC operation with Li-ion rechargeable batteries
  • Stainless steel construction reels and camera heads
  • Water resistant to IP54


The vCam-6 control module is HD (high definition) when used with the new D34-HD and D46-HD camera heads. The vCam-6 control module is backward compatible with the legacy D18-MX, D26-MX, D34-C, D34-M, and D46-CP analog camera heads but will produce SD (standard definition) video and pictures when used with these cameras


Why Buy?

JDC coupled with our JDC Know-How, has the expertise when it comes to equipment maintenance, and performance. If you need a top-of-the-line sewer inspection camera we’re the ones you need to call. Our mission at JDC is to get our customers outfitted with the right equipment for the task, and the Vivax Vcam-6 HD camera is just that.


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