Designed for public utilities and professional contractors cleaning wastewater and sanitary systems, the Vactor 2100i combo sewer cleaner is truly built around the operator. A few of the features are a revolutionary control system, superior vacuum performance, unmatched operator comfort and control, and fuel, air routing and filtration efficiency second to none. Vactor has gone to every effort to ensure that every facet of the 2100i combo Sewer Cleaner is nothing less than world class.

The industry leading combination sewer cleaner, and easier to use than ever before. Built for durable performance, and equipped to be versatile and reliable, this combo sewer cleaner is built for ease of control and comfort for the operator. it’s powerful and built to last. the VACTOR 2100i is guaranteed to do the job you need accomplished.


If your job calls for PD technology as opposed to a fan vacuum system, the 2100 Plus PD Model offers all of these features and more. Vactor’s PD blower is chassis-driven directly through a 475 hp continuous-duty transfer case. This not only boosts efficiency and reliability, it also eliminates belts, pulleys, clutches, driveline slip and maintenance. An inlet volume of up to 5,000 cfm and 18 hg significantly increases the velocity pull at greater working depths.


New IntuiTouchTM one-touch in-cab controls redefine simplicity. 7″ screen control features backlit tactile buttons.

  • Includes controls and viewing screen for camera, lighting, re circulation and PTO/Transfer case activation
  • One-Touch engagement to activate PTO and transfer case – allowing operators to gain control of all operational systems
  • Operator can view the current operating mode, re circulation status, flows, pressures and more

With over 40 years of selling and servicing Vactor equipment, trust our JDC Know-How for operator training and maintenance, parts, and routine service. If you need a top-of-the-line combo sewer cleaner we’re the ones you need to call.

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