The Future of Electric Utility Equipment Trucks Starts with JDC

by | Apr 21, 2022 | JDC News

Get the Electric Utility Equipment Trucks You Need!

When your company needs a utility construction truck, you need it now. Jack Doheny Company (JDC) is your No. 1 source for these trucks!

Have you tried to buy an electric utility equipment truck lately? If so, you’d know there’s a minimum 10-month wait on all new vehicles. The reason for this is two-fold. First, there is a national shortage on chassis production. Secondly, the “Great Resignation” has left manufacturers working with skeleton crews to meet demands. Bottom line: You can’t wait that long because your clients need work done NOW! Fortunately, JDC has your solution.

Elliott HiReach Aerial Solution from JDC

We recently added Elliott HiReach aerial equipment to our offerings. This is a huge opportunity for utility construction companies across the country. Yes, you can get the right trucks with the right aerial work platforms right now. Do you have a minute, literally? Check out highlights of the aerial vehicles in our fleet:

Why We Can Get You an Elliott Aerial Vehicle So Quickly

You’re probably wondering how JDC sidesteps the 10-month wait on these trucks. Elliott already built these trucks, and we’ve partnered with them to add these vehicles to our fleet. These electric utility equipment trucks are ready to go anytime you need them. Here are some of the benefits of renting an Elliott truck from us:

  1. There’s no wait. They’re available right now.
  2. They come with aerial work platforms and the latest technology.
  3. You avoid the expensive purchase price of a new vehicle.
  4. Return it after the job is done or keep it for a long-term rental. You have options!
  5. We can customize a rental program that suits your needs.

Simply put, renting from JDC is the best choice for getting the job done on time and under budget!

 Trust the JDC Legacy

 We’ve been helping municipalities and commercial infrastructure companies since 1973. Whether you are in utility construction or distribution, sign, lighting or traffic signalization, Jack’s got your back with the brand names you know like Elliot, Versalift, Skylift, Brooks Brothers, Reelstrong and TSE. We have a wide selection of insulated and non-insulated aerial lift work platforms and bucket trucks, reel systems, trailers and more.

Organizations across the country continue to trust our solutions and you can too. We have 15 branches coast to coast. Use the contact info below to call your local JDC representative. We’re happy to discuss your rental options for these Elliott HiReach vehicles.