Southland Tool provides high quality, specialized sewer cleaning tools created with strength, durability, and agility. Founder David Pryor has 30+ years of experience in the design, marketing and manufacturing of sewer cleaning equipment for sewer and waste water systems. And with JDC’s readily available parts, tools, and accessories it’s never been easier to buy the exact Southland Tool you need to get the job done right. Contact JDC today to ask about our selection of Southland Tool sewer cleaning equipment, parts, and accessories.

Why Buy?

JDC is a proud supplier of Southland Tools. Over the years they have continuously crafted exception sewer cleaning tools, equipment, and accessories, and we at JDC are proud to supply them. We’ve made a commitment to supplying nothing but the best for our customers. Whatever you and your company could possibly need for sewer cleaning equipment we can supply. So contact us regarding our available Southland Tool products today.


Sewer Nozzles & Spray Angle

What’s New

root cutter kit

Root Cutter Kit

  • Connecting Thread: 1 in
  • Pipe Range: 4 – 15 in
  • Saw Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 & 15 in
  • Skid Sizes: Adjustable w/Rollers 8 -10 in. & 12 – 15 in
  • Accessories: Toolbox, Turn Tool, Saw Hub & Bolt Kit
grease log chopper

Grease Log Chopper

6″ Grease log chopper

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