SVHX11 Tandem Hydrovac

The SVHX11 Hydrovac comes with or without winterization to fit the entire North American Market including Canada and the USA. This lightweight powerhouse is suitable for city or remote applications. Excellent noise reduction and driving experience make the SVHX11 Hydrovac a breeze to use in the city.Contact JDC for rental solutions to your next job.


This hydrovac truck performs and provides massive time and fuel savings over time. The whole layout is tailored with the operator in mind. Fast dumping, easy operations, and preparations will make the SVHX12 your operators new favorite hydrovac.


The SVHX12 was designed to bring you the full advantage in a bigger and lighter body. Lighter and more powerful than its siblings, the SVHX12 is the number one unit for your toughest jobs in the city or in the fields. Cut your costs and bump up your profits.


Debris and Water Tank


The SVHX11 is a tandem 11-yard hydrovac. The hydraulically opening rear door allows fast dumping and hustles free washdown of the truck at the end of a job day.  The 1000 US gallons water capacity allows on average to fill the debris tank, whilst reducing the weight to haul around. Due to its superior design, the SVHX11 hydrovac offers an excellent driving experience. The weight distribution allows for an optimum balance between front and rear axles making it conform in most states and provinces.

Telescopic Boom


The boom placement of the SVHX11 hydrovac allows for maximum reach without extensions. The 8″ boom has a 23′ reach and a 320° rotation with 20° down and 60° up tilt. The 12″ Boom swivel keeps you worry free on the job site. Whatever passes through the tubes and hoses won’t get stuck in the swivel. Also, the quickly interchangeable deflector shield keeps the tank from wearing out. Moreover, the brass bushings allow for a smooth operation without the need of grease. 


  • Hoisted 11-Cubic Yard Debris Body
  • Primary Shut-off Complete w/ 10-inch Stainless Float Ball & Stainless Cage Assembly
  • High Capacity Aluminum Cyclone Assembly w/ 17-inch Bottom Clean-Out and 2-inch Brass Drain Valve
  • 6-inch Heated Discharge Assembly Complete w/ 6-inch Air Operated Stem Valve, w/ 6-inch Cam-Lock Coupler & Dust Cap
  • Heated 4-inch Rear Fill Assembly Complete w/ 4-inch Air Operated Piston Valve, 4-inch Cam-Lock Coupler & Dust Cap
  • 8-inch Vacuum Relief Valve Operated by an Air Valve w/ Switch Located at Operator Station and on the Remote Control
  • Remote Controlled 8-inch Telescopic Boom w/ 23-feet of Reach, 320 Degree Rotation, 20-Degree Down Tilt, 60-Degree Up Tilt
  • Manual Boom Control Override at Operator Station
  • 12-inch Boom Swivel with Clean-Out
  • 1000-Gallon Fresh Water Capacity
  • Heated Water Tank w/ Internal Tubing Heated Off Chassis Coolant System
  • Electronic Load Level Indicator
  • Tank to Pump Suction Shut-Off Y-Type Strainer w/ Stainless Steel Filter Element
  • Easily Accessible Inspection Ports
  • Curb Side Fill Assembly
  • Interpump Pressure Pump (Maximum Capacity is 10 GPM @ 2900 PSI), Variable Speed
  • Dynablast, Steam or High-Pressure, 420,000 BTU, 7-Gallons @ 165 Degrees Fahrenheit Heat Rise (220 Degree’s Fahrenheit Output)
  • Glycol System Winterization System
  • Rotary Lobe Positive Displacement Robuschi RBDV 125 (3800 CFM @ 28-inch Hg) Vacuum Blower Package
  • System Control at Operator Station Located at Curbside of Unit
  • Remote Control to Have Following Functions: Boom Control Up-Down, Left-Right, Pressure Pump On/Off, Vacuum Relief On/Off

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