Granulated Wheels

Formulated specifically for PVC pipelines, these wheels work well in all slippery pipes. Designed to avoid damaging the pipe wall, they utilize a granulated rubber composite which improves traction without cutting into the pipe surface. Over time they will wear, and become even more effective. If you are a contractor or city who inspects new PVC or pipe with FOG (Fats, Oils, & Grease) then you need a set of our granulated rubber wheels.

Model # Description
#905210291  5” T66 Granulated Wheel Set 
#905210591  6” T66 Granulated Wheel Set 
#900401491  8” T66 Granulated Wheel Set 
#900401691  8” T76 Granulated Wheel Set 
#900401491  10” T76 Granulated Wheel Set
 #900401591  12” T76 Granulated Wheel Set



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