ENZ Bulldog Antiblast – 10-24in. – #600100A

Connecting Thread: 1 in.
Pipe Range: 10 – 24 in.
Min. GPM: 53 GPM @ 1160 PSI
Max. Pressure: 1,160 PSI*
Thrust Jet: 6 x M10
Front Jet: 1 x M10
Rotating Jet: 6 x M10
Water Recycling: Yes

* = To prevent a blow-out, this pressure at the nozzle should not be exceeded.

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The Problem

During the sewer cleaning process, blowing water from the commode can be difficult if the venting is obstructed or not up to code.

Typically, nozzles that move high volumes of material require a spray pattern between 10 and 30 degrees. During the cleaning process, high volumes of air travel through the pipes and exit the manhole. However, the air flow is often interrupted and diverted up the lateral. If untreated, this could lead to blown toilets.

The Solution

With Bulldog® Antiblast from ENZ , the spray pattern is increased to 45 degrees for rear thrust and material movement. The overall airflow will reduce by 47 percent. A 90 degree rotating jetter will remove material from the walls of the pipe. A rotating front jet will then be used for penetration.

Prevent unpleasant side effects like blown toilets with Bulldog® Antiblast and clean right down to the pores. Bulldog® Antiblast can also be used for grease removal, and root penetration and removal.