Cut-Off Saw – #CO25141, #CO2514101, #CO25541, #CO2554101, #CO2554101


The Stanley CO25 Cut-Off Saw is used for metal or concrete cutting. The CO25 uses standard 14 inch (355.6 mm) abrasive or wet or dry diamond blades. It comes standard with an internal blade brake and water attachment porting (quick couplers not included).

  • 7-9 gpm (26-34 lpm) operating range.
  • 4-3/4 iinch (120.6 mm) deep maximum cut.
  • Adjustable wheel guard.
  • HYREVZ™ gear-type motor.
  • Flow regulator to prevent overspeed.
  • Safety trigger.
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CO25141, CO2514101, CO25541, CO2554101, CO2554101