JDC rents and sells Presvac equipment. Presvac is a recognized, premier manufacturer of standard and custom vacuum equipment. See what’s available by clicking the link below.

What’s New?

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Trail Beast Easement Machine

20 HP | 4-Cycle | Air Cooled | Hour Meter | Replaceable Air Filter | In-Line Fuel Filter | 7 Gallon Fuel Tank Min. | 12V Auto Battery | 5 or 10 GPM Additional Tool Circuit

Self-Powered Stanley Drive Train | 8 in. Wide Rubber Crawlers | Skid Steering | Low, High & Variable Speed Settings | 360° Turning

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The Presvac Powervac is the ultimate PD Blower Wet/Dry Vacuum Loader. Operate as an air mover for dry applications or use full vacuum and extreme recovery rates for the toughest liquid, sludge and slurry jobs. The material knock out features in the Powervac debris tank minimize carry over. Heavy duty modular filtration configured to blower size and application provides superior blower protection and minimal maintenance.

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Presvac Liquid Vac

The Presvac Liquidvac is a versatile CODE vacuum truck. It can be configured to suit a broad range of applications: Tank cleaning, line jetting, collection and transport of hazardous liquids and sludges, material transfer, etc.

Why Buy?

With decades of experience, Presvac has the expertise when it comes to premium vacuum excavation equipment. Presvac has continously crafted the best there is to offer. And JDC has made a commitment to suppling just that for our customers. With over 15 locations and available inventory on hand, we have just the equipment you need to finish the job. Inquire about the largest fleet of DOT vacuum trucks in North America, brought to you by JDC today.

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