Contact the JDC to inquire about our available MSE products. Supported by our industry know how, as seen in our DTI confined space entry training courses. Taught by our seasoned professionals with available certifications for completion.

Why Buy?

Need equipment for the purposes of confined space? Look into our available MSE tools and equipment. Backed by our training and support, DTI not only has the avaiable tools, but we also instruct you on its uses and proper handling. Contact JDC today about our available MSE tools, as well as our infield training and support.

What’s New


MSE Tripod Package

  • *Includes #100/7
  • #140-50G
  • #2005-50G
  • #1102000 Harness
winch  g

MSE 140-50G Winch

  • Fall Arrest / Retrieval Device
  • 2 Braking Systems
winch  g

MSE 2005-50G Winch – #2005-50G

  • Fall Arrest / Retrieval Device
  • Self-Retracting Line / Winch Mode
  • 2 Braking Systems

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