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Revolution Sewer Nozzle By Reaper

Revolution by Reaper

The Revolution by Reaper is an all-in-one sewer jetting tool that builds on the cutting power of the Reaper, with the same front rotating stream and rear jets to clear the toughest blockages, but the Revolution goes a step further adding dual rotating center streams with powerful 360° cleaning power to completely clean and de-scale the inside of the pipe.

Revolutionized” Sewer Jetting

  • Cut, clear, and clean all at the same time
  • 360° of cleaning
  • Built for 6″-36″ municipal sewer pipes
  • Clears 3X more debris on the first pass than the competition
  • Use at least 25% less water

Cleaning Sub-Head (Center)

  • Rotates 360°
  • 57° dual side jets
  • Speed stays consistent throughout life

Forceful Front Stream

  • Cuts through and clears blockages
  • 0° straight-water stream that rotates to create a 30° cone
  • Blasts up to 2,500 PSI

Powerful Rear Jets

  • 10° straight jets
  • Maximum thrusting and pulling power

JAdditional Features

  • Centralizer ensures nozzle stays centered in pipe
  • Optimized stream quality results in greater impingement
  • Blockage, root, and FOG removal
  • Heavy-duty construction – stainless steel housing and carbide wear surfaces
  • Long life – withstands harsh environments
  • Repairable – Front Rotor, Side Jets, Rear Jets, and Overhaul Kits all available

Sewer Jetting with the Reaper

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