Five Year Mystery Solved

by | Oct 4, 2022 | JDC News

A training session was anything but routine when a member of the Jack Doheny Company (JDC) team solved a mystery that was bothering a client.

The city of LaPorte, Indiana was interested in a newer-model sewer cleaning truck. The JDC team happily demonstrated how the Vactor 2100i will help maintain LaPorte’s sanitary sewer system. The client was impressed with all of the advantages of the new vehicle, but they were even more astonished when a member of our team found a lost sewer nozzle that had been missing for over five years in the city’s sanitary sewer main. This is what we call JDC know-how! 

Added Value in Action… When it Counts

On April 20, 2022 JDC Team members, Dave Wagner and Josh Ritter travelled to LaPorte to demonstrate the Vactor 2011i sewer cleaning truck. While they were there, they were told a story about a missing sewer cleaning nozzle lost form a previous trips years earlier with their existing sewer cleaning truck. Five years ago, a brand new nozzle ended up lost somewhere in a sanitary sewer main. The city had tried to find it during other general maintenance but the part had never turned up. Even a copetitor had previously tried to find the nozzle but couldn’t find any evidence of the nozzle anywhere in the sewer line.

At JDC, our success runs deep in client satisfaction and loyalty, and when Josh heard about the legend of this missing nozzle, he decided to take up the challenge to try and find it. “Josh was determined to find this part. He cleaned past the upstream manhole about 100 feet, jetted the nozzle through the main and suctioned the nozzle to the boom and back to where we set up.” said Nick Schoepf, JDC Regional Sales Representative – Northwest Indiana/West Michigan. the city operators were amazed by the find, our comprehensive industry knowledge and our ability to solve their problem.

 At JDC, Training is an Ongoing Relationship

Over time, personnel at companies and municpalities change and different generations of vocational trucks are purchased and rented. This creates a demand for recurring training, and we are happy to provide these resources and personnel to keep our clients in the know.. Clients who rent or buy trucks from us get intensive in-the-field training from our experienced team. Trainees will leanr how to operate these vehicles in a safe and highly productive manner. Once the training is done, the sales personnel at our service locations are always available to answer questions and provide help.

 We’ve Got the Parts You Need

As the city of LaPorte has shown, it’s easy to lose or damage a part on your truck. Sometimes,. we can find it for you, and other times we’re happy to procide a replacement. JDC carries the largest selection of in-stock parts, tools and accessories. Get what you need by visiting one of our 16 locations in the United States, Canada or by placing your order form our online catalog. If you have any questions, just reach out to us using the contact info below.

Do You Need a Sewer Cleaning Truck?

The new generation Vactor 2100i is easy to use because it offers unmatched operator control and superior vacuum performance. The Vactor 2100i is one of many sewer cleaning trucks that’s ready for you to buy or rent. Our trucks come will all the best features and equipment, and the pros in our service department make sure that each one is ready to work. We have long-term and customized rental programs that are perfect for companies and municipalities.