ELGIN WHIRLWIND street sweeper


The Elgin Whirlwind is specially suited for uneven roads and jobs involve dirt, sand, millings, general street sweeping, leaves and road debris applications. The Whirlwind has also been recognized as powerful tool for restoration of permeable pavement. The Whirlwind is excellent for general street sweeping and routine catch basin cleaning.


Efficient air flow, including a superior vacuum source and air routing path, is at the heart of the Whirlwind. High volume air flow at high velocity results in exceptional one-pass pickup while eliminating plugging that can occur in similar type sweepers. A nine-vane closed face turbine fan is powered by a turbo-charged diesel auxiliary engine for maximum airflow.


A revolutionized truck-mounted vacuum sweeping performance in the North American market. Its proven low-maintenance design, combined with a wide sweeping path and short wheelbase, offers tremendous flexibility. You can choose between the single or dual nozzle and 28” or 36” side brooms, delivering a maximum sweep path of 12’. You can also opt for a conventional or cab over chassis. 

Elgin Whirlwind



Installation of permeable pavement has increased in recent years as a best management practice (BMP) to deal with storm water runoff. These surfaces effectively reduce the amount of untreated water and accompanying pollutants directed into waterways. Both regenerative air sweepers and high-power pure vacuum sweepers can be used as part of a practical maintenance program for permeable pavement. However, for restoration when the surface is blocked and water is no longer able to infiltrate the ground, pure vacuum sweepers, such as the Whirlwind, work better due to highly concentrated vacuum levels which exceed that of a regenerative air sweeper. The Whirlwind’s incredible vacuum is able to pull out embedded debris that plugs drainage paths. Most permeable pavement periodically requires this degree of vacuum to restore infiltration of clogged areas.


Catch basins allow surface water runoff to enter the storm water conveyance system, while trapping solids and sediments that might otherwise end up polluting the receiving waters. Catch basin cleaning is an efficient and cost-effective method for preventing flooding as well as removing the sediment and pollutants before they can get into the waterways. A regular schedule of catch basin cleaning improves both aesthetics and local water quality. A Whirlwind equipped with a heavy duty wandering hose becomes a versatile machine capable of street sweeping and catch basin cleaning.

  • Multiple aluminum hose extensions can be added to the 4 ft long (1.2 m) catch basin nozzle for deep and thorough cleaning.
  • Fingertip hydraulic controls on the handles easily adjust the height of the nozzle.
  • The rear auxiliary engine throttle control improves operator productivity and adjustment of vacuum power.

The combination Elgin Whirlwind sweeper with wandering hose option provides a cost-effective tool to facilitate storm water management.


A single or dual 32 in (813 mm) abrasion-resistant suction nozzles are available. Each nozzle covers 174 in2 (1123 cm2) and extends 15 in (381 mm) beyond the tire’s track for increased performance closer to the curb. The 11 in (279 mm) diameter suction hose accepts large debris. The suction nozzle rides on two heavy- duty pivoting caster wheels allowing it to track, staying in the path of the debris and following road contours. The suction nozzles are equipped with a front-mounted shutter that allows easy entry of larger/ bulky objects and large quantities of leaves.


The heavy-duty John Deere 4045T diesel engine provides exceptional power and extended service life. Auto shutdown of engine functions comes standard. The latest EPA Tier 4F and CARB emission compliant packages are now standard.


The high velocity, 9-vane blower generates the necessary airflow to convey the debris from the suction nozzle into the hopper and vacuum needed to overcome any restrictions such as rocks or bulky debris. More power means one-pass pickup, increasing operator productivity. The vanes are constructed of Hardox® brand steel for durability and maximum service life.


The 8 yd3 (6 m3) capacity hopper provides extended sweeping time. Abrasion-resistant steel inlet deflector(s) direct debris flow to the center of the hopper for even, efficient material loading and maximum capacity utilization.


The sweeper mounts on conventional or cab- over chassis with short wheelbases, enabling a tight turn radius for better reach in cul-de-sac sweeping and greater maneuverability around corners. The standard auto-pickup in reverse allows for quick change of sweeping locations. 


The trailing arm design provides special 4-way action to closely follow road contours, provide inward safety for obstacles, and maintain a consistent broom angle even as the broom starts to wear. Digging pressure is adjustable in-cab 


The 54 in (1372 mm) hydraulically-driven extension broom operates at an 18 degree windrow angle, directing the debris into the path of the nozzle. The broom can pivot for left or right side sweeping and is pivoted by a heavy duty pneumatic cylinder.

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