ELGIN pelican

The Elgin Pelican broom sweeper is a three-wheel mechanical sweeper based on one of the original street sweeper designs, which has been continuously improved since 1914, meeting the highest sweeper standards. Maneuverability, visibility, economy, serviceability, and single-lane dumping with a sweep system that easily handles heavily compacted dirt and bulky debris are all features of the Elgin Pelican. An isolation-mounted cab provides a cleaner, quieter operation, and the improved 360-degree visibility and easier access for service and maintenance make the Elgin Pelican an industry leader in road sweepers.


The 35 in x 66 in  hydraulically driven polypropylene main broom features variable speed (variable with engine RPM) for optimal sweeping in changing conditions. To protect the broom mechanism, the broom raises automatically when the sweeper is reversed and is returned to its sweep position and previously set down pressure when a forward direction is resumed.


Hydraulically driven side brooms are rugged construction, 36 in in diameter and protrude up to 13 in beyond the outside of the tire while sweeping to capture more gutter debris.

Elgin Pelican



The Pelican’s heavy-duty construction and compact frame ensures a tight turning radius and years of reliable, low-maintenance operation. A balanced design provides stable sweeping and dumping. The hopper load is positioned low between the two front wheels for stability and safety. The axle support and hopper lift system are integral parts of the chassis.


The Pelican’s high steering angle and tight turning radius allows for quick turns, sweeping extremely close to obstacles and following curbs without climbing or scuffing tires. The dual-tire guide wheel increases stability and steering traction.



The clean, quiet and spacious isolation-mounted cab features large windows, wide see-through doors and a full-width windshield for 360° visibility. The center console is easily accessed from both left and right driving positions. Fingertip controls include illuminated and graphically identified gauges and rocker switches.


Swing-arm suspension with twin parallel heavy-duty shock absorbing spring coils and an integrated single coil rubber spring assist provide effective suspension dampening through the entire range of travel. The design enhances ride quality and comfort in the cab while reducing stress on the sweeper frame – especially when operating in pothole conditions or on rough, uneven roads.


The Pelican is powered by the John Deere 4045T 4.5L, 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine. The engine is capable of operating on bio-diesel up to B20.


With a unique wheel motor design for outstanding power and minimal maintenance, steep grades are no problem. Integrated sensors precisely measure road speed and adjust power requirements according to the load.


The Pelican features twin-caliper (ea), power disc brakes and a dynamic braking design that significantly reduces wear on service brakes. All brake components are easy to access and economical to maintain.



Controlled by engine RPM and operated independently of direction and ground speed, the Pelican’s broom speed provides digging power at slow or zero ground speeds. A foot pedal controls speed and sweeper direction through the hydrostatic transmission.


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JDC coupled with our JDC Know-How, has the expertise when it comes to equipment maintenance, and performance. If you need a top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner we’re the ones you need to call. Our mission at the JDC is to get our customers outfitted with the right equipment for the task, and the Elgin Whirlwind vacuum sweeper is just that.

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