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Dica Ftr48 1 Outrigger Pad.01

FiberTech Outrigger Pad

Designed to be moved by hand, and provide greater rigidity at a lower overall outrigger pad weight. 13+ layers of quad axial continuous glass fibers and vinyl ester resin are combined to give FiberTech® Outrigger Pads exceptional structural strength and stiffness to distribute loads over larger areas.

Comparatively speaking, a one-inch thick FiberTech Outrigger Pad weighs 25% less than a three-inch thick SafetyTech Pad (same area) and provides the same load distribution performance.

  • Made in the USA.
  • Up to 600 psi crush ratings and 170,000 lbs. rated capacities.
  • FRP material, TuffGrip Handles, industrial grade safety texturing, and non-conductive.
  • FiberTech Outrigger Mats are easy to clean and do not absorb bacteria or other pollutants which eliminates site-to-site contamination.

1.0″ Super Duty Pads

Shape Size WEIGHT (lbs)



Round 36×1 75 130,000
Round 42×1 105 150,000
Round 48×1 140 170,000
What size outrigger pad do I need?

Call a regional sales rep to help your with this question. They’ll ask a few basic questions about your equipment, current products and results you’re seeing. Our team will detail the best options for you based on your equipment, application, and desired results.

What are FiberTech Outrigger Pads made of?

FiberTech Outrigger Pads are made of Fiber-Reinforce Polymers (FRP). This is a composite material made of a vinylester polymer that is reinforced with specially designed fiberglass.

Are there any chemicals to avoid when using FiberTech Outrigger pads?

No. This is one of the significant advantages of fiberglass materials. These same materials are used in the most corrosive environments in the world and will outperform wood crane pads in the most common situations. Nothing encountered on a typical job site will have any effect on the fiberglass materials used in FiberTech Outrigger Pads.

What is the expected lifetime of FiberTech Outrigger Pads in wet or dry environments?

Our traction mats for heavy equipment are easiest to stack and remove if one side is smooth. This allows each mat to easily slide over each other.

How do FiberTech Outrigger Pads compare to wood outrigger pads?

Wood is a natural material with a very high absorption rate. Due to absorption, wood fibers will splinter crack and break and have large variations of strength, stiffness, and reliability under pressure. All of which leads to unsafe conditions. In comparison, FiberTech Outrigger Pads constructed of FiberReinforced Polymers are virtually impervious to absorption and have reliable molecular, strength and stiffness properties.

Are outrigger pads for bucket trucks resistant to water and chemicals?

Yes, they are impervious to water and resistant to chemicals commonly found on construction sites, parking areas and roads. Please contact us if you are concerned about a particular chemical.

What is the minimum and maximum temperature for these pads.

-40°F to 131°F / -40C to +55C. FiberTech Outrigger Pads will work outside this range, but there will begin to be a reduction in performance. Please contact us if this is a concern for you.

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