The Cusco Hydro Trencher is designed for directional boring and removing waste materials including; liquids, sludge, slurries, mud, gravel and other solid waste. The Hydro Trencher Series is available in a wide range of configurations that will enable customers to meet their specific needs. This hydro excavation truck is the solution for all problems involving waste removal, so contact us today for additional information.


Whether you are excavating around fragile oil and gas pipelines, installing fiber optic cables, repairing utility lines, or excavating in remote areas with limited access, the Cusco Hydro Trencher is just the hydro truck excavation necessary for the job being fully equipped to tackle anything that comes its way


Possessing a duel 500 gallon stainless steel water tanks, also an enclosed pump cabinet with 20 GPM pump & dual hydraulic retracting hose. The Cusco Hydro Trencher Excavatro has a 980,000 BTU boiler with steam capabilities.

Why Buy?

JDC coupled with our JDC Know-How, has the exertise when it comes to equipment maintenance, and performance. If you need a top of the line hydr excavator we’re the ones you need to call. Our mission at JDC is to get our customers outfitted with the right equipment for the task, and the Cusco Hydro Trencher excavator is just that.

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