Supply Chain and The Current Chassis Shortage

by | Feb 21, 2022 | JDC News

What does it mean for the future of the vocational truck industry?

Supply chain disruptions and delays were felt across every industry in 2021 and left many companies exploring alternative options. As the economy begins to return to normal, the vocational truck industry is struggling to handle a chassis shortage.

As municipalities and commercial infrastructure companies ramp up work to develop and maintain the systems vital to economic development, they are experiencing a market where availability and access to the trucks and accessories they need to complete a job is unpredictable. Inventories on dealer lots are depleted and lead time for new truck orders continue to grow.

The municipal and infrastructure markets demand to acquire trucks is driven by day-to-day need and very difficult to predict. Add to this mix the staffing issues due to the “Great Resignation” and lingering impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, planning is almost impossible now.

In the past, if there was a need for a new truck to accept a contract or opportunity, they would reach out to a provider and secure one. The same was true if a truck experienced a mechanical failure, but in today’s market it is nearly impossible to secure a new truck within 10 months, let alone 24 hours.

What does this limited access to vocational trucks mean for the future?

The best options for municipalities and commercial infrastructure companies going forward is to find a rental provider who has invested in new equipment and built up the availability of their fleet.

The benefits to renting trucks and equipment goes beyond the current lack of availability. In fact, renting provides a greater level of flexibility when it comes to the equipment needed for the long term. While each project requires access to different equipment, the long term need may be different leading to increased overhead cost, storage and maintenance requirements.

Rental fleets offer municipalities and companies access to the trucks and equipment they need with the added benefit of being able to return it upon project completion. In addition, rental fleets provide access to industry leading equipment without the budgetary constraints of buying new. Renting the best quality equipment for the job saves time and increases access to the labor pool available to complete the job.

Rental fleets offer the best approach to mitigating the risk associated with purchasing new trucks during these uncertain times and help free up valuable working capital.

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