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PACP Training & Certification from The National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) offers complete industry training in standardized rating, identification, and classification system for faults, problems, and defects found in sewer pipes.

Developed by NASSCO, this course ensures that all inspectors will classify pipe defects in a standard, uniform method.

Whether you work in sewer cleaning, utility construction, industrial cleaning or fire and rescue, the JDC Technical Institute stands ready to educate on the latest safety gear and standards, tools, techniques, and tactics giving you the skills you need to succeed.


Standard Codes

Better assessment of corrosion, maintenance related problems, and a new category of features and defects relating to the rehabilitation/renewal of existing sewers.

Training & Certification of Users

Every student will be assigned a certification number that will become part of any assessments that the student provides, assuming training has been completed successfully. This can be used as a requirement by municipalities in their specifications and will insure nationwide use of the data.

Condition Ratings

Weighting factors are used to convert the descriptive data of the PACP codes into general categories of pipe condition. This will then focus attention on sewer segments that need further evaluation/consideration for renewal or replacement.

Standard PACP Data Format

Includes data dictionary that defines fields, formatting, and valid entries.

Mapping Symbology Standards

Establishing color and line-type for use in mapping basic parameters such as diameter, pipe material, depth, and condition rating.


With multiple classes available, we have the resources to give you the latest industry knowledge powered by JDC Know How. Ranging from confined space and entry, advanced pipe cleaning, and operation and maintenance. We want to make sure when you’re out on the job you have the knowledge to get the job done efficiently and safely. With multiple dates to meet your schedule, we’ve made it even more convenient to get you the training you need, so contact us today.


The JDC Technical Institute is proud to present our new podcast series, HOW & WHY with DTI. On Tuesdays, every two weeks we will be reviewing new industry topics brought to you by our certified, experienced professionals. Stay up to date on the latest trends, equipment, and learn first hand JDC Know-How. Stay tuned for all things new coming from How & Why with DTI, brought to you from the JDC Training Institute.


Certified, Seasoned Experts

Our collective, comprehensive industry knowledge and years of expertise – what we call, “JDC Know How” allows us to dig in giving you more than just what you can read in a manual.

More Technical, Mechanical, Advanced Learning

More than just industry terms and definitions, it’s the “How” and “Why” – a combination of classroom and hands-on learning.

Continuing Education Credits

All in-person courses have been approved for Continuing Education Credits and you will receive a certification upon course completion.

Classes to fit your needs

JDC has options allowing you to join our Open Enrollment classes at one of our coast to coast facilities, or bring the training to your location.


JDC courses are now offered online, allowing you to take the full class from any internet connected device, and receive continuing education credits (in most states).



Jeff Tinlin

NASSCO  Trainer

Jeff has been involved in the Wastewater industry since 1991 when he joined Pearpoint, Inc. as the Midwest Regional Sales Manager based out of the Chicago area. He now has over 31 years of experience in the Sewer collection system industry with hands on experience in the Sales and Training of Mainline CCTV equipment, Cutter robotics, Pipeline Reporting software, Lateral Inspection systems and CIPP lining technologies for lateral, mainline and manhole applications. In addition, Jeff was a member on the original NASSCO committee that was responsible for the development of the PACP program in 2000-2002. He is currently certified as a Founding Trainer for NASSCO and teaches the PACP program throughout the USA, certifying individuals from municipalities, contractors and engineering firms.

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