Keith Huber

Keith Huber has been manufacturing industrial vacuum and DOT trucks for years. We at JDC are proud to be a supplier of Keith Huber and all of the efficient equipment that provide solutions to our customers. Coast to coast, JDC is a nationwide supplier for Keith Huber equipment and parts. With the largest fleet of DOT vacuum trucks, contact JDC today to inquire about our selection of available Keith Huber equipment today.

What’s New?


Keith Huber Dominator

  • 3000 gallon carbon steel tank
  • ASME 25 to 35 MAWP – DO 412
  • 3/8″ head thickness
  • 20″ top manway with access ladder
  • Anti-surge internal baffle system
  • Tank isolation valve

Keith Huber Berringer

The Huber Berringer I has proven to be an industry leader in power and performance for the last 25 years. This unit utilizes a 1,180 CFM Liquid Ring pump capable of deep vacuum while maintaining quiet operation for those tough jobs.

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Keith Huber AM36

The Huber AM36 has proven to be an industry leader when it comes to getting the job done. With its simple controls and proprietary cyclone filtration system, there is no task too tough for this machine.

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Keith Huber Berringer (BG)

The Huber Berringer PD (positive displacement) utilizes a 1,600 cfm – 3,800 cfm blower to handle the toughest jobs in the market. This unit is also built with the legendary dependability of the Berringer product line which allows for years of usage

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Keith Huber Dominator Series 70

The Huber Dominator Series 70b offers a price competitive unit used for many applications within the Liquid Vac market. Its simple design offers ease of use to any operator while maintaining Huber’s legendary quality and dependability. See below or call us to set up the unit that best meets your needs.

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Keith Huber Dominator Scrubber

The Huber Dominator SIV with the incorporated vapor recovery system allows the user to tackle the toughest jobs while maintaining safety. This system can be bypassed to allow the operator to tackle jobs that do not require vapor recovery making this an all-around versatile product.

Why Buy?

With decades of experience, Keith Huber has the expertise when it comes to premium industrial and DOT vacuum truck equipment. Keith Huber has continously crafted the best there is to offer. And JDC has made a commitment to suppling just that for our customers. With our 15 locations, we are sure to have the inventory on hand you need for the job. Inquire today about our fleet of DOT vacuum trucks.

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