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The JDC Technical Institute is proud to present our new podcast series, brought to you by JDC. On Tuesdays, every two weeks we will be reviewing new industry topics brought to you by our certified, experienced professionals. Stay up to date on the latest trends, equipment, and learn first hand JDC Know How. With so much knowedge of the business, we wanted to take the time to offer helpful tips and tricks so that you can do your job more efficiently, and safely. Stay tuned for all things new coming from JDC brought to you from the JDC Training Institute.

Whether you work in sewer cleaning, utility construction, industrial cleaning or fire and rescue, the JDC Technical Institute stands ready to educate on the latest safety gear and standards, tools, techniques, and tactics giving you the skills you need to succeed.


Learn straight from our trusted certified professionals with decades of experience. They have the JDC Know How to educate you on a variety of different topics. Now in person and online, it’s all the knowledge you could ever want in whatever way most suits you. Inquire today and register for one of our upcoming classes brought to you by the JDC Technical Institute


SchellVac Winterization Guide

SchellVac Winterization Guide

Follow this step-by-step guide to help prevent ice from forming in your water system: Open valve 2 to drain watertank Open valve 4 and valve 6 to drain unloader lines and final filter Close valve 1 for the water supply line Close valve 4 and valve...

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Vactor Winterization Guide

Vactor Winterization Guide

Follow this step-by-step guide to help prevent ice from forming in your water system: Move the vehicle to a suitable drain location and shut unit down. Remove the clamp, cap, gasket, and screen from the Y-strainer. Some units may have multiple...

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Five Year Mystery Solved

Five Year Mystery Solved

A training session was anything but routine when a member of the Jack Doheny Company (JDC) team solved a mystery that was bothering a client. The city of LaPorte, Indiana was interested in a newer-model sewer cleaning truck. The JDC team happily...

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We had an opportunity to have JDC come in to do some training with our guys that we found very informative. While we have a fairly consistent fleet of Combination Units and a HXX they all have a mind of their own. The training was very helpful when it come to getting a grip on the similarities and differences in each truck so all of our operators’ could jump in to any truck and be able to run effectively. The guys at JDC have always been great with training on new trucks, being able to help diagnose problems over the phone, or provide additional training for new employees on site.

Brady P.

I can’t say enough of your company’s training and the people that make it happen. It can be operation of the Vactor, maintenance and of course Ed’s wonderful nozzle training classes… We have positive feedback from our employees…

Ed is wonderful at what he does. During the year the employees pick up bad habits. The classes provide a line in the sand to get rid of bad habits. The classes give our employees time to talk to one of your employees. Your guys, if they don’t have an answer, they will get it.

The trainings now assist our organization with contact (continuing education credits) hours. The classes have proven to be well worth the money. Please keep up the good work. Thank you.

Tim J.

I really enjoy doing business with JDC because of the friendly staff. I deal a lot with Rob S. and Brandon M. I’ve never had a salesman that I can TRUST or depend on as much as Rob. Whenever I call either one of these guys with questions about our equipment, they always have an answer. Those guys are top notch in my opinion! I will always do as much business as possible with JDC because of the staff you have working there!!!!!!!!!! I can’t say enough good things about JDC.

David B. Street


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